Aesthetic Aparatology

Transform with Aparatology - ultrasonic waves, vacuum therapy, and more. Say goodbye to fat, cellulite, and sagging skin.

What is this service about?

It is a technique where we are allowed to apply multiple facial and body treatments through ultrasonic magnetic waves that benefit countless clients.  By doing so through devices, we can treat problems such as: 

  • Adiposity
  • Accumulated fat
  • Flaccidity 
  • Sculpt the figure
  • Eliminate cellulite
  • Glute lift and more

Among the treatments of Aparatology are the following:

Radiofrequency: In this function of the frequency, it depends on the level of use, different layers of the dermis can be heated.  It is a painless procedure and is used for the treatment of cellulite and sagging skin anywhere on the body.  This consists of the application of electromagnetic light (red light) of high frequency on the skin that causes the controlled heating of the different layers of the dermis, which favors: 

  • The formation of new collagen
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Skin appearance and subcutaneous tissue
  • The migration of fibroblasts

Vacuum Therapy: It is a non-invasive procedure that is performed through the skin, this by means of an equipment called Vacuum that exerts pressure or suction in different areas of the body.  This process suctions at the hypodermic level, where its effect is to drain the liquid or fat retained by the cells and also taking them to a direction of ganglions where they will be deposited and will be purified.  This is a very innovative and safe treatment.

Ultrasonic Cavitation: It is a non-invasive treatment that consists of applying ultrasonic waves in some parts of the body to eliminate excess body fat.  This device generates controlled and repeated vacuum micro bubbles that cause the implosion of fat cells, releasing the content that is excreted through the lymphatic system by urine and feces. 

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